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Asiana Airlines` 911 Calls Released: `She Will Probably Die Soon if She Doesn`t Get Help`

PorAmanda Gigliotti | Repórter do The Christian Post

This Wednesday authorities have released 911 calls from panicked passengers on Asiana Airlines Flight 214 after it crashed Saturday at San Francisco International Airport.

  • Asiana Airlines crash
    (Photo: Reuters)
    Fire crews work to extinguish flames as passengers evacuate an Asiana Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft after a crash-landing at San Francisco International Airport, on July 6, 2013.

The calls were released by the California Highway Patrol and it is possible to have some insight into the chaos that unfolded after the plane crashed.

"We're out on the outskirts. We're not toward the airport itself, but more out on the field where planes are landing," one woman said explaining the location of the incident to an operator, according to Fox News.

The woman also reported the operator she was with a woman who was severely burned on the head. “We don`t know what to do… she is nearly burned, she will probably die soon if she doesn`t get help.”

The details about the cause of the accident are not yet clarified, according to a report given by National Transportation Safety Board Chairman Hersman on Wednesday.

Questions raised were whether it was a mistake made in setting the automatic speed control, or the pilots were not fully aware of what the plane was doing. Officials couldn`t explain why the wide-body Boeing 777 jet came in far too low and slow, likely causing the crash.

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According to Hersman, the pilot at the controls was only about halfway through his training on the Boeing 777. The landing at the San Francisco airport was his first time and his co-pilot was on his first trip as flight instructor, she pointed.

The incident left two dead and several other injured of the 307 people. Six of the 12-member flight crew remain hospitalized.

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