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George Zimmerman Trial LIVE STREAM: Verdict Preparations as Defense Gives Closing Argument (WATCH ONLINE)

PorAmanda Gigliotti | Repórter do The Christian Post

The fate of George Zimmerman will be known by the end of this Friday as the trial is coming to an end. Today Zimmerman’s defense attorney Mark O’Mara will deliver his closing arguments in the murder of Trayvon Martin case.

On Thursday, Matin’s family attorney, prosecutor Bernie de la Rionda said in his closing argument Trayvon is dead through no fault of his own.

“He is dead because another man made assumptions. Because his assumptions were wrong. Trayvon Benjamin Martin will no longer walk on this Earth,” said de la Rionda.

De la Rionda alleges that Zimmerman’s version of events was filled with outright lies and he has changed his story in order to fit with his self-defense case. He then pointed out contradictions to the jury.

"He went over the line," de la Rionda said, according to New York Times. "He assumed things that weren't true and, instead of waiting for the police to come and do their job, he did not. He, the defendant, wanted to make sure that Trayvon Martin didn't get out of the neighborhood. In the defendant's mind he automatically assumed that Trayvon Martin was a criminal, and that's why we're here."

De la Rionda tried to depict the scene of the crime to demonstrate how the fight between Martin and Zimmerman was before he was shot. He presented a crime scene photo of Martin’s body and pointed out how Zimmerman’s version is not the true one.

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According to him, the lack of blood and crucial DNA evidence on Zimmerman’s and Martin’s hands and Martin’s body proves the 29 year-old' story doesn’t make sense.

Zimmerman’s trial began on June 24. He is facing multiple charges and if convicted of second-degree murder he can spend life in prison. The shooting incident occurred on April 11, 2012.

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