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Justin Bieber Instagram Photo and Video With Beliebers

PorAmanda Gigliotti | Repórter do The Christian Post

Fans of Justin Bieber, who was recently caught on tape urinating in a mop bucket, can be more than happy to see Instagram photos and video posted by the singer.

The pop singer posted a shirtless photo of himself with no caption, nor hashtags.

justin bieber instagram
(Photo: Instagram/Justin Bieber)
Justin Bieber

“Beauty and a Beat” singer also posted a video titled ‘4thefans’ with his Beliebers after his sold out show in Chicago.

But the ‘super sweet’ action is not all. Bieber also went outside before his set started to give his attention to fans who weren’t able to get tickets.

Before that he also took pictures with hundreds of lucky young fans.

Watch the '4thefans' video Bieber posted on Instagram:

Curta-nos no Facebook

Despites the `sweet` moments, the singer has having his life being featured in a multitude of headlines due to some polemic attitudes in recent months and weeks.

The pop singer was recently caught on tape urinating in a mop bucket. The move disgusted some of his critics and fans.

He also screamed “F*** … Bill Clinton” while spraying some cleaning solution at the picture of former President on the wall.

According to unidentified source of E! News, Bieber has apologized Clinton for his behavior on Wednesday. The source said “it sounds as if Clinton was really cool about it!”

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