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Pat Robertson's `Vomit` Button Absent on Facebook for Gay Pics: May I Suggest `Block`?

PorAmanda Gigliotti | Repórter do The Christian Post

The well known televangelist Pat Robertson has caused another controversy after he said he wishes Facebook has “vomit” button to express how he feels about photos of gay couples.

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    Pat Robertson apresenta o programa The 700 Club

The statement came during his 700 Club show when he was discussing whether “liking” gay pictures was a sin.

Robertson`s comments was an answer to a question read, “When we `like` things on Facebook, if it`s something that goes against what is written in the Bible – such as pictures of same sex couples – is that considered condoning behavior? How do you explain this to new Christians or youth?”

The evangelist answered: “That [images of couple of same-sex guys kissing] makes me want to throw up. To me, I would punch `vomit,` not `like,` but they don`t give you that option on Facebook.”

After his comments sparked a debate on social media websites. “Absent Pat Robertson's VOMIT button, might I suggest, BLOCK?” wrote an user on Twitter.

Robertson is not shy about speaking up against homosexuality and whatever that goes against Bible. Also it is not the first time that he has used vomit to express his disapproval of certain actions.

Curta-nos no Facebook

In previous statements he has said the land would “vomit out” those who disobeyed the commandments of the Old Testament.

Last year, he criticized movies such as Twilight saying it would lead to demonic possession. "Yes, I think those vampire movies are evil. There are no vampires. The whole thing is demonic," he said previously, according to Eonline.

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