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Six-Year-Old Boy Hangs Himself `Upset at Parents` Divorce`

PorAmanda Gigliotti | Repórter do The Christian Post

A six-year-old boy from Idaho committed suicide by hanging himself in his kitchen while his mother and stepfather were showering, an investigation has confirmed.

The incident happened on June 3 and raised the question of whether the boy would be capable of such an act. A month later, investigators confirmed his death as suicide.

The boy was watching Cartoon with his seven-year-old sister when he went to the kitchen. He reportedly took off his belt, tie it into a makeshift noose and hang himself from the freezer handle of the refrigerator.

The sister said the boy went to the kitchen and started making noise. After the Cartoon finished – around 20 minutes after he left the room - she found his body and immediately screamed for her parents.

The investigators found no evidence of a foul play and said all signs pointed to suicide. “The method used was something he could have done himself very easily,” said Payette Police Chief Mark Clark, according to Argus Observer.

During the investigation, the police found through school records and interviews with relatives that the boy had anger issues related to his parents` divorce two years earlier.

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According to mental health professionals, some kids lack the verbal and cognitive ability to express their emotions and this can result in unthinkable actions.

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