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Trayvon Martin`s Dead Body Photo Posted By a Blog Triggers a Wave of Emotions (See Photo)

PorAmanda Gigliotti | Repórter do The Christian Post

As the George Zimmerman murder trial wheezes to its conclusion, a new photo of Trayvon Martin`s dead body is triggering a wave of emotions and outrage across the Internet.

  • Trayvon Martin
    (Photo: Reuters)
    Trayvon Martin

The image was broadcast by MSNBC recently and reportedly as mistake. A New York City blog Gawker then published a screen shot of the body, which attracted quickly thousands of viewers.

The photo provoked different feelings on people. Some criticized the website for posting such image, while others said it was good as they could feel more the sadness of the incident.

“Sometimes, the pool recorder or the networks' producers don't switch to a mundane image of lawyers being lawyerly quite fast enough, and we get to see snippets of the human cruelty, stupidity, and frailty that occasion trials such as this,” wrote the Gawker blogger Adam Weinstein.

“This is Trayvon Martin's body. These are the last skinny jeans he wore, cuffed once at the bottoms. These are his stylish kicks, his sockless ankles. There are Trayvon's taut neck, his slack jaw, his open eyes,” Weinstein added.

Users who left comments on the posting appeared to be uncertain whether or not they should have seen it.

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"I understand the feelings of people who wish they hadn't seen it. I probably would have preferred not to; but it has me even angrier and even more hurt than the whole story had before. I am not an American, I am not who needs their eyes opened and I was already on the side of the outraged, but seeing him like that has made it far far worse for me and I think that's important," wrote one commenter below the posting.

And he continued, "I think people need to be filled with the sadness and anger I am filled with and see his boyish face and realize this is a boy, not a thug, not a gangsta not a gangbanger, just someone's little boy, wearing a hoody and khakis.”

An unidentified commenter, who describes herself as a Black and angry woman, wrote that the blogger should have asked permission from Trayvon`s parents. “They should have had that right. Trayvon and his parents had no respect/hand in how he was portrayed in the mind of his ignorant murderer. That decision cost him his life.”

Weinstein, a Gawker contributor and Florida-based writer and editor, expressed his feelings about the whole case: “Good old-fashioned rage that this kid is dead because my home state empowered a dullard aficionado of Van Damme and Seagal movie cliches to choose his own adventure.”

“Florida literally gave George Zimmerman license to make up neighborhood threats and invite violent confrontations, confident in the knowledge that he carried more firepower jammed down his sweaty fat waistband than every army on earth beheld before 1415.”

Take a look at the photo HERE.

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